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Gabby Salinas - Endorsed Candidate Bio

Gabby is a healthcare advocate whose personal journey led her to run for office. 22 years ago her family immigrated from Bolivia to Memphis so that she could receive treatment at St. Jude. Thanks to the treatment she received at St. Jude, Gabby was able to beat cancer three times. 


While a patient at St. Jude, Gabby fell in love with science! She went on to earn a BS in Biochemistry from Christian Borthers University. She began her science career as a research technologist in the department of Chemical Biology and Therapeutics at St. Jude. A dream come true for any young scientist. During her seven year tenure at St. Jude, Gabby was part of a team that published research with the National Academy of Sciences. Her research efforts focus on discovering new treatments for drug resistant malaria, the number one killer in pediatrics. In 2016 she was named among the “Top 20 Under 30” by the Memphis Flyer. 

Gabby is currently working towards her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences through the University of Kentucky. Gabby owes a lot of her success to Memphis, as an immigrant she feels she has a duty to donate her talents towards insuring Memphis is reaching its full potential. In 2018 Gabby has decided to run for the TN senate. She wants to bring data driven, evidence based, solutions to the TN legislature. In the future Gabby hopes to lead a lab that combines basic science research with policy and outcomes research.

Robert Donati