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Remember you get 4 choices for Memphis City Council races

Early Voting Starts Today for Municipal Elections! 

That means you’ll be voting for Mayor, City Council, Municipal Judges and Court Clerk.  With City Council, you’ll be voting for FOUR different council members!  You have your regular City Council District and then you get to vote for THREE positions in either Super District 8 or 9.  Here’s a map to find your super district:  https://www.shelbyvote.com/sites/default/files/documents/maps/2015%20Memphis%20City%20Council%20Super%20Districts.pdf

Remember Future901 has endorsed the following candidates for City Council

District 3:  Patrice Robinson

District 4: Britney Thornton

District 5: John Marek

District 6: Theyrn C. Bond

District 7: Michalyn Easter-Thomas

Super District 8

Position 1: JB Smiley, Jr.

Position 2: Frank W. Johnson

Position 3: Cat Allen

Super District 9

Position 1: Erika Sugarmon

Position 2: Mauricio Calvo

Position 3: Dr. Jeff Warren


See you at the polls!