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The Perspective Women like Katrina Robinson Have to Offer

Around half the population is female, and yet women are drastically under represented in politics. We, the United States, a country built on democracy, have yet to elect a woman president. While women’s rights and voices are beginning to be acknowledged, it is vital that women are in positions of power so they can ensure other women’s rights and voices continue to be heard and fought for.

Let’s not forget that women’s leadership styles are generally unique from that of men’s, and when placed in positions of power, women can contribute immensely to politics. According to CNN, “female leaders typically have more compassion and empathy, and a more open and inclusive negotiation style”. It is no understatement that this type of leadership is incredibly valuable, and in no ways undermines the rights of men. Instead, this leadership style brings a larger perspective and opens up the discussion for more thoughts and opinions, which can also lead to greater innovation and progress.

Future901 is proud to support several female candidates, including Racquel Collins (Shelby County Commission District 1), Tami Sawyer (Shelby County Commission District 7), Danielle Schonbaum (TN House District 83), and Katrina Robinson (TN Senate District 33). Future901 understands that Shelby County and Tennessee needs women who can represent the needs of a larger population. Each one of these women have unique contributions and perspectives, often times adding more than just a voice for women, but also a voice for Black women and other minorities.

Future901 wants to highlight the value and perspective that a female candidate can give. Read on to learn more about one candidate, Katrina Robinson:


Katrina Robinson is a 37 year old single mother, entrepreneur, nurse and advocate who's stepping up to the plate in State Senate District 33, running against 12-year incumbent and conservative "Democrat" Reginald Tate. Robinson got in the race to bring her voice to Nashville and represent working people, and working women especially, in a political climate that often ignores them.

"I want to be an advocate for healthcare, for women's health especially, and for good jobs in our community. I was raised by a single mom and was one myself, so I know what it takes to get by," said Robinson.

Robinson is the founder of The Healthcare Institute, Tennessee's only women-run, Black-run nursing school. She's brought millions of dollars in grants to the community to pay for scholarships for students, and provide free in-home elderly care for people who need it.

One of Robinson's core missions is to expand healthcare. That's why she started THI--to help fill the gap in healthcare professionals. And now that's why she's running--to push for Medicaid expansion and funding of women's reproductive healthcare access, things which her opponent has voted against.

"When I was a nurse at Methodist, every day I saw how being poor could cost you your life," she said. "Half of all uninsured people in Tennessee are right here in Shelby County, and our poverty rate is so high. We need so much more healthcare access for people in our community."

Robinson's race is especially urgent because the August 2 primary is also effectively her general; there are no Republican candidates who will appear on the ballot in November. Learn more about Katrina and her race at www.votekatrinarobinson.com


Future901 is proud to endorse candidates that value diversity and fair representation. We believe this is what democracy is really about - accurately representing the people. 

Future901 is proud to endorse candidates that value diversity and fair representation. We believe this is what democracy is really about - accurately representing the people. 


The life experiences, inclusive perspective, the dedication and entrepreneurial drive that Katrina has would not be the same if she was a man. This should be obvious. Future901 wants to remind you that women like Katrina need our support – these voices must be heard, but more than that, what women like Katrina bring to politics is extremely invaluable.

Let’s continue to embrace innovation, the dedication that it takes to found a healthcare institute, and the forward thinking perspective that has brought Katrina to where she is today. Tennessee needs leaders like her.

We invite you to join us as we support women in the upcoming election – learn more about voting locations and dates here. Or consider making a one time or monthly contribution to Future901 as we support candidates that represent diversity and progressive values.

Robert Donati